There's a better way to sell or buy your home.

Finally, a Girdwood local that can help you win without all the stresses and worries while navigating a Real Estate transaction.

sell for more!

A proven strategy coupled with over 20 years of local experience = you win

find homes first!

Girdwood is small, so it’s tough to find a home. We usually know what’s coming next before anyone else.

painless process

With someone who has seen it all, it’s easy for Erin to identify potential issues before they arise.

“Because Erin is a life long Alaskan, she was an invaluable resource for us while buying and selling real estate in Girdwood, AK. I would definitely recommend her to my friends and family. Our transactions with her were very smooth because of the open lines of communication. Very helpful and greatly appreciated!”

-Candace Blom

Why risk it when you can choose the best?

There are so many real estate professionals out there, and they all want your business. You most likely know a few personally. However, have they lived in Girdwood for nearly three decades? Have they personally assisted several buyers and sellers in Girdwood annually in that span? If you want to get the top dollar for your home or just trying to get into the neighborhood, why not choose someone who lives and breathes Girdwood?

Step 1

Choose to buy or sell your home.

Step 2

Get a custom seller or buyer plan.

Step 3

Enjoy peace of mind.

The stakes are too high to gamble when selling your home.

Your agent only matters if the results do.

If you choose your REALTOR® based solely on who you know or who has the lowest commissions, you’re risking:

Your house being on the market too long and dropping in value.

Too many fruitless showings and not enough traction.

Selling your home for less than what it is worth.

Your home not selling at all.

72% of sellers say they are dissatisfied with their agent.

What’s happening?

Are you curious about local events going on in Girdwood? No need to stress because we always know what’s going on. Check out this calendar of local events going on now and coming up.

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